The Mäag Audio PREQ2-500 is a single channel, 500-series version mic preamp with the same circuit topology and sound as our top-of-the line Mäag Audio PREQ2™ Dual-Channel Strip with AIR BAND®.
The PREQ2-500 has a total of 71dB of Class-A gain that starts with the same Mäag Audio-built nickel-core input transformer as the 1U dual channel PREQ2. Just like the PREQ2 Dual Channel Strip, it includes a front panel ¼-inch (1-meg-ohm) Instrument Input jack that when used, automatically routes its signal to the input transformer and also disconnects the 48-volt phantom power if already turned on.
The front panel continues with a ¼-inch Thru/Output jack that provides an unbalanced, isolated and boosted “duplicate” of either the low impedance microphone or the Instrument inputs. The Thru/Output signal is capable of driving a long line out to guitar amps in the studio and/or effects pedals effectively and without quality loss. Great for creating unique effects, you may “re-amp” and externally process either the low impedance microphone input signal or any instrument directly connected to the PREQ2’s front panel ¼-inch input jack.
The PREQ2-500 has an Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) level of -128dBu, +25dBU of headroom, plus the acclaimed AIR BAND® EQ with up to 9dB of boost at your choice of 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 40-kHz frequencies.
Microphone gain is continuously variable using a single, large control knob that is switchable between two gain ranges of either +20dB to +42dB for most recordings or +42dB to +71dB using the +25dB boost button. This higher microphone gain is noise-free and perfect for very quiet sources like Foley/sound effects or low output, old vintage mics.
The compact front panel finishes with push-button switches for +48-volt phantom power on/off, -20dB attenuation pad, a 70Hz, 2nd order 12dB/Oct high pass filter, phase or polarity reverse, and AIR BAND® EQ on/off.
Convenient front panel ¼-inch Instrument Input and Instrument/Microphone Thru output
Discrete Class-A transformer-coupled preamp with reamplification capabilities
71dB of gain available, making it optimal for multiple instruments and ribbon mics



Max Gain 71dB
Noise level at the lowest gain setting is -100dB. EIN is -128dB
The microphone transformer feeds a differential set of front-end Class A discrete transistors paired with a FET input operational amplifier
High and low gain push button switch. Low range: +20dB to +42dB. High range (gain +25 switch with green LED): +42dB to +71dB. Switchable -20dB pad
+48-volt phantom power, switchable, with red LED. Phase reversal switch: switches the phase of the balanced output
Green signal present LED, red peak LED lights at +25dBu