Mäag Audio was founded by Cliff Maag Sr., a recording engineer by trade with over 35 years of tracking and mixing experience. Cliff’s strong passion for high quality sound is the catalyst behind all Mäag Audio gear. As the inventor of the acclaimed NTI EQ3 and the Nightpro PreQ3 & EQ3D, Cliff introduced the AIR BAND® to the world in the early 90’s. The AIR BAND® is a respected and unsurpassed element of Mäag Audio gear.
Cliff enjoys spending time in his production recording studio, The Record Lab. Whether Cliff is recording an established high-end client or a local band getting its feet off of the ground, each is treated the same… with respect for the craft.
The Mäag Audio team is committed to excellence. Our goal is to provide all audio engineers cutting edge technology that they need to compete in their industry. Audio gear isn’t the most important thing in life, but to us it’s pretty close to AIR on the “got to have it” list.


Team Maag Audio from left to right: Cliff Maag Sr, Cliff Maag Jr, Ryan Maag and Travis Allen



Only the finest components are used in Mäag Audio gear. Build quality is among the highest in the professional audio industry. You can rest assured your Mäag Audio gear will perform at sonically superior levels, every day.


The Mäag Audio team is driven by its quest for perfection. Each unique piece of Mäag Audio gear is designed to be perfect for its intended use. From initial inception, our products are designed with the clear purpose of aiding the Audio Engineers of the world in making their craft as close to perfect as possible.


The Mäag Audio team has worked hard to make the technology sound and function even better than the original NTI/Nightpro gear. The need and desire for the best possible sound continues to be the catalyst that drives Cliff and the Mäag Audio team.


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