From initial inception, Mäag Audio products are designed with the clear purpose of aiding the Audio Engineers of the world in making their craft as close to perfect as possible. Only the finest components are used in our gear. Build quality is among the highest in the professional audio industry.


Dave Pensado

“Every hit, every #1, ever Grammy mix I have ever done has featured Maag EQs. The EQ$ is my current favorite product from Maag Audio. I use it to EQ vocals, drums, acoustic instruments and of course the stereo buss.”

Grammy Award-winning mix engineer

F. Reid Shippen

"I'll never track ribbon mics without the AIR BAND again... Have you ever been outside after a thunderstorm, and everything is clean, clear, and vibrant? This is what using the AIR BAND feels like to me, sonically... It's audio Photoshop."

Seven-time Grammy Award-winning music mixer, engineer, and producer

Gianluca Vaccaro

"Since I had Maag EQ in my rig, sound quality incredibly improved. For its presence and transparency, Maag is my first choice for vocals, snare and kick drum. Maag... mamma mia!! :)"

Producer and Engineer

Ron Flieger

"Amazing Pre - Amazing Air Band - Living on my mix bus ever since I got them!"

Songwriter, Producer, Remixer, Musician

Mark Capps

"The AIR BAND adds sizzle on my cymbals. The AIR BAND Pres are clean, punchy and add a nice sheen to vocals."

Multi-Platinum Four-Time Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mixer, Producer

Russ Russell

"After 20+ years in the business there aren’t many things that come along that make me go WOW, but Maag Audio has done it! The EQ4 is now a part of the fiber of my being and is on every recording and mix I do."

Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Alan Saucedo

"Once you try the EQ4 you will never go back. Now i cannot take it off the Mix bus and it is on every single vocalist of every single mix i do"

Mixer & Recording Engineer / Grammy and Latin Grammy winner

D. Brent Nelson

"The Maag Air Band 2-channel EQ enhances the richness, warmth and intensity in my mixes without becoming brittle. Absolutely the best sounding EQ I’ve put across my buss – EVER!!"

Composer / Music Director-Producer

Sean McLaughlin

"Maag EQ's have been living on my mix buss since I got them! The AIR BAND has been a game changer!"

Award Winning Mixer/Producer/Engineer

Cole Nystrom

"Everything MAAG makes is unbelievably versatile and musical. The EQ points sculpt a mix and individual elements of a mix so perfectly. Their Air Band is worth it’s weight in gold! Wouldn’t go to a tracking or mixing session without their Pre’s or EQ’s."

Engineer and Former Dave Pensado Assistant

Kristofer Harris

"The EQ4 is perfectly open and transparent on one hand, yet unique and inspiring on the other. It's by far my favourite fixed-band equaliser since the chosen bands never leave me wanting, and is a trusted tool for the mix bus. The sub and air bands are becoming integral to the sound of the records I make. Cheers!"


Mervin T. Thomas

"Since the first day of experiencing the Maag EQ4, I had my eyes on them. One of the best EQs to sit on your Mixx bus, hands down! Does exactly what I want it to do. Thanks Maag Audio!"

Recording/Mix Engineer, Producer and Arranger from India

Joe Barresi

"The Maag PREQ4 preamp is more than just a really punchy mic pre. The addition of the AIR BAND eq with selectable frequencies is just amazing. For cleaner Tele or Strat guitar sounds to making a ribbon mic pop more in a drum room, it's easy to make things stick out in a mix. So much control in a 500 slot."

Producer/Mixer/Engineer (Tool, Queens of the Stoneage, Soundgarden, Slipknot)

Rik Simpson

"I love the clarity and punch of Maag hardware, the AIR BAND is legendary and can always be found sitting on both my mix and drum buses. When I run out of channels it’s easy, I just add the plugin version!"

Multi Grammy Award winning producer, engineer, mixer, multi-instrumentalist. (Coldplay, Portishead, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Jay Z)

Maor Appelbaum

"The EQ4M opens new possibilities to the legendary EQ3 and EQ3D and the ability to recall them. Adding just the right amount of AIR will open up the sound and give it depth. The AIR BAND sounds great and having the option to bypass it to audition is a great feature. On any of the eq bands, small moves mean big changes. one click on the knob ether way will make a difference."

Mastering Engineer (Faith No More, Yes, William Shatner, Walter Trout, Eric Gales, Rob Halford, Sepultura)

Mattia Magi

"I absolutely love the clarity and depth of the Maag EQ4, it’s a must have on my mix bus… When I need to open the top end of a mix without being aggressive on the high mids, the air band is something magic, sweet and bright at the same time! The 40Hz knob is great to add extra weight to the low end if needed… Super clean and punchy!"

Record Producer / Mixer / Engineer

S.W. Malomi

"The EQ4 simplifies the way to get to the right tone from any source that you run through it, in a magical way. Opens the air of a vocal or brings out a sub kick drum; the Maag EQ4 does it perfectly. The right amount of AIR will shape the bright/clarity of a Mix and the outcome is like chocolate to my ear. The curve is very wide between each band and every step makes a huge difference in a Beautiful way. In addition, It's very easy to recall your of the best eqs in the world."

Music Producer, Arrangement, Songwriter, Composer, Mix Mastering Recording Engineer, Multi-instrumentalist

Dylan Dresdow

"The Magnum-K is simply one of the greatest audio products ever to be released. The Magnum comp section shines at effortlessly bringing low level information to the foreground. The K comp section can really tame some of the harshness out of your signal path. The LMF section can add richness and weight, while the Air Band section is famous for lifting film off your audio, has neo-selections of 25k and 30k- all in parallel! And if that wasn’t overkill already, they included the most musical soft limit I’ve ever heard. Every signal I send through it ends up sounding more expensive out the other end."

Grammy award winning Mixer (Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Michael Jackson)

Kriss Walas

"EDM music of all sub-genres comes to life with Maag Audio. I could not imagine mixing or mastering without these tools."

Owner of The Continuum Music Studio, Founder of Zen-Producer, Artist/Producer (Heart Rate).

Gustavo Glauss

"There is no Mixing or Mastering that does not use my EQ4M Equalizer, Simply Musical and Clarity."

Mixing, Mastering & Producer

Andy Jackson

“The Maag EQ4, as both analogue & digital versions, is stunning. It’s become the first thing I’ll try on just about any source, and I rarely have to look any further to get great results”

Producer/Engineer Pink Floyd

Chris Lord-Alge

Chris Lord-Alge aka CLA adds the Mäag Audio EQ4M

5-time Grammy-award winning American mix engineer (Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, Faith Hill, Bon Jovi)